Decorating your home to put it up for rent is not the same thing as simply decorating.  When you decorate for your personal taste you follow your own needs, but this is something you should not do if you want to rent your home.  There are a few key elements you can do to make your home stand out to a future tenant. With these easy steps we want to help your home make the best first impression.



1. Illuminate the space.

A well lit home gives the feel of cleanliness and spaciousness. Having white walls or neutral colored walls will help bring light to your space.  Take advantage of your windows, don’t close your curtains or blinds, especially if they are dark . Choose furniture and accents that are neutral and that reflect light easily.



2. Don’t saturate the space.

Your home needs to have the necessary elements to live in it and no more.  Let your tenant complete the spaces with their own accessories and don’t exceed yourself with the furniture.  The less furniture and accessories you have the bigger it will feel, this will also help you achieve the feel of cleanliness and spaciousness that we were speaking of earlier.


3. Decorate for everyone.

Don’t forget spaces like entryways and hallways because they can also be focal points at the time of choosing a home.  Because we don’t know who your future tenant will be you should not anticipate their needs. If you have two bedrooms, don’t prepare one specifically for a child or a home office, any room can always be converted later on.



4. Neutral Decor.

When you decorate to rent your home it is not for you and you should not get carried away with the latest trends.  Choose furniture that is timeless, this way you will give your home a modern touch that will suit any future tenant.

5. Give it life with accessories and attention to detail.

You should create a decoration style that is more generic and universal, this will make your home stand out from the rest.  A neutral style of decorating will make it easier to attract more people in general, but what can make the difference are the small details.  Don’t go nuts, like we were talking about in point number two, but you can introduce a few accessories that can convert a house into a future home.  Place plants, candles and personal details like floral arrangements in key places. Help your future tenant visualize themselves in the space and let them fall in love.  You will have achieved your mission.



Are you ready to rent your home?

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