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If you are planning to purchase or build a new home in Houston TX, and are willing to do the legwork yourself, you can save thousands of dollars! We make your home buying process fun, easy and advantageous to your wallet.

New Home Finder Center online buyer program is designed to help you find the new home you want and rebate back to you up to $5,000 in expenses involved in purchasing your new construction property!

Here’s how it works, it’s very simple!

  1. Register using the contact form below to get your certificate
  2. Fill out the forms (We will email them to you) and return them signed
  3. Find the new home you want to buy, tell the builder that Matias Bulox is representing you. Sign the Builders contract with Matias Bulox as your agent and just wait until closing to get your rebate.

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 Why use the New Homes Finder Rebates?

1.- Save Money!

  • Get a rebate up to 25% from our commission (in addition and or all of any discounts and incentives that we may get from the builder)
  • It could mean up to $5,000 for you at closing

2.- Professional Buyer Representation

  • More than 20 years of Experience in new Home Sales
  • Represented more than 1,000 families in new construction sales
  • No appointments needed
  • Support via email, office or telephone
  • Award-winning Agents
  • Builder Partnerships

3.- Up to date Real Estate Information

  • Exclusive new construction homes database in
  • 3D Home Tours - Tour more than 50 models from Houston without leaving your home
  • State of the art website to browse, save, and compare more than +45,000 homes in Houston

 *Agent will not accompany Buyer during the Builder selection but will provide advice via email, website and telephone. Agent will be present to sign of contract if required by builder in exchange we will rebate 25% of our commission to you. After signing contract it will become a full agency representation.

Register today and of our qualified agents will be in contact to help you get started on your home search


 *Only valid 1 rebate per house per transaction. **Builder and lender must approve the new home rebate. ***Buyer agrees to a ‘limited representation’ meaning that we are limited to provide the service established in each program, for more information, please review all forms and conditions to fully qualify to get your new home rebate. ****If you already signed a buyer representation agreement with another Realtor, we cannot provide a rebate nor our real estate services to you. If you decide you would like a check after closing you will send us a filled and signed W-9 with your information. You may need to obtain authorization from your lender to avoid future issues.

How can I use my New Home Rebate?

Please read carefully our rebate rules on your digital copy as they apply to all rebate programs we offer unless changed by an executed buyer representation agreement.

You may use your new home buyer cash rebate as follows:

  • You may receive a check for the rebate amount after you close. Certain taxes may apply, please check with your accountant.
  • You may use your rebate to reduce your closing costs and prepaid expenses with your lender's approval.
  • You may use your rebate to buy down your mortgage interest rate. Please contact your lender.
  • If permitted by your New Home Builder You may use some or all of your rebate towards a price reduction of your home.
  • If you have any questions concerning your buyer rebate please email us at...


TREC Form "Information About Brokerage Services" is NOT a contract but a consumer information notice the State of Texas Law requires all real estate licenesees to present to the public at the first instance of contact. Please review the link concerning how a Real Estate agent may act on your behalf and you may also print the Information About Brokerage Services Form for your records. If you desire more information about how we can serve your best interests, please call or email at your earliest convenience.

I acknowledge receiving the Form Information About Brokerage Services.

Rules and conditions may change at anytime without notice. 

Tamborrel Properties & The New Homes Finder Center does not represent any of the builders above mentioned.

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