When people think of a city that is growing and progressing they generally don’t think about Houston.  
People tend to associate this city with the smell of gas refineries, a heavy humidity and the constant low performance of the Astros.  They should consider this again, Houston has a gigantic economy.
It is the number one city in the whole country with the highest source of jobs, it is also home to the growing energy industry.  It has more ethnic diversity than New York City and it lets the value of your money stretch like no other city.  Apart from all this you can add that it is constantly renewing in restaurants and cultural venues.  This is why you can see that Houston is one of the best cities to live in the United States.
1. The unemployment level is very low compared to other cities like Los Angeles that they have not been able to recuperate half of the lost jobs, Houston has achieved a 230.5% and Dallas is in second place with only 164.2%.
2. Living well does not consist in only generating a high paycheck.  It is also important to see what is the cost of everything else.  You can’t beat Houston in this area.  When you value the cost of living, Houston has the highest paying jobs at an average of  $75,256 comparing to other areas like San José which has high paying jobs but also has a high cost in lifestyle.
3. The cost of Real Estate is extremely accessible.  The city of Houston did not go through the downfall in Real Estate like the rest of the country.  One home in California for example would cost $750,000 (Orange County), here would not go above the $250,000’s.
4. Houston exceeds the number of Fortune 500 companies compared to other parts of the country except for New York. It has major hubs of the fortune 500’s, less than you would find in New York but double the quantity of the ones in Dallas or Atlanta, which are found in fourth place with only 10.  The majority of these are found in the energy corridor, which is the hub for the oil and gas industry.  These include Conoco Phillips, Marathon Oil, Sysco, Apache, Halliburton among many others.
5. Houston is called Space City because of Nasa.  It is also home of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Astronauts of America and the place where lots of astronauts local and international are trained to go to space.  It also counts with a strong investigation center, a considerable amount of job options, and at the same time it is home to The Mission control of space ships.
6. New York Times granted great comments to innovating restaurants like Oxheart and Underbelly.  Houston has been named by the renowned Pete Wells as an up and coming city with exciting places to eat.  
7. There is a spectacular variety of restaurants of ethnic food, seafood and great steakhouses.  Houston has excellent vietnamese food, it also has a variety of superb mexican restaurants and a strong Cajun presence due to the proximity to New Orleans and the great quantity of people that came to live here after Katrina. Let’s not forget barbeque which is famous in Texas.
8. Remember the Astros, World Champions! There are teams like the Texans, Rockets and Dynamo that are winners. The Texans were great competitors in the super bowl season, the Rockets surprised everyone with their playoff games and the Houston Dynamo ( soccer league ) have been great contenders.
9. Houston has leading industries in Oil and Gas.  Not only is it hub for corporations like Conoco Phillips and Marathon but it is also the center of the chemical and oil industry because of its oil camps in Texas and the closeness to Latin America.  The energy sector offers and estimated 3.4% of jobs in the area with growing opportunities.
10. The massive quantity of international exchange marks rapid growth.  The port of Houston is the largest in the country in terms of quantity of international tons that are processed and it is second in size.  This creates more jobs and is also exceptionally good for business.  During the years of 2008 through 2010 because of its proximity to Latin America and the vast energy industry more than 100 foreign companies expanded their marked or started new commerce.
11. This city counts with the most concentration of health and scientists that work constantly to fight cancer among other diseases.  The Texas Medical Center is a major employee producer in Houston and the medical center is one of the largest in the world with 21 hospitals, 8 Academic institutions of investigation and 50 non-profit organizations  The medical complex is larger than all of downtown Dallas, this complex includes institutions like the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center which is one of the best centers for treatment and hospitals of investigation of cancer with an investment of billions of dollars and an aggressive initiative to cure at least 5 types of cancer.
12. Houston is also filled with museums and cultural centers like Rothko Chapel.  The Houston Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest in the United States and has one of the best collections of decorative art in all the country.  To this you can add 14 acres of gardens.  Mark Rothko took three years creating the work of art Rothko Chapel which he helped design.  The city counts with a total of 19 museums in a radius of 1.5 miles which compose the Museum District.
13. Everybody loves parks.  Apart from being known for its oil and gas industry, Houston has a great quantity of parks and green areas, 50,632 acres total. This puts it in third place after San Diego and Dallas in acres per capita.
14. The combination of the University of Houston and Rice University means that there are many people that are well trained.  It may not compare to cities like Boston but education in Houston is very competitive.  Houston has around 41,000 students and was elevated to Tier One as a center of investigation by the Carnegie Foundation.  Rice University is one of the best schools in the country or graduates and has obtained the number 17 nationally especially in applied science.
15. Houston recently surpassed New York in being the city with most diversity in the U.S. Around 400,000 foreign residents came to live her between 2000 and 2010.  The caucasian population in Houston is of 32% compared to a 48.9% in New York.  The latinos occupy the first place with a 40% , African Americans occupy third place with an 18% and a growing population of Asians with a 6%.
16. Due to the vast ethnic population in Houston you will not see strong racism like in other cities.  
17. Houston is known as the #1 city in the U.S to establish a business.  No other city in the country counts with a great quantity of successful hispanic business owners.
Definitely we are in the number one in the United States.
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